Max Beamer is an FPV Drone Pilot, Videographer from Lafayette Louisiana. Previous to this he was a Music Producer and Mixer known for his creative ability to permeate genres and blend sounds...

Max Beamer


Its been a while since I've made one of these and this spot is always super fun to fly.. I Highly Recommend trying this HD Toothpick Setup -- So much Fun SKIP HD 3 (Ships from the US) - - - (NOTE) *USE PID "PROFILE 2" ON 4S* Battery 4s 450mah (recommended)- Gemfan BiBlade Props (recommended)- Support me on PATREON NEW Freestyle PROPS (used in this video) HQ R42 - Lightweight Session Kwad Props HQ Headsup FPV- Main Kwad: MOTORS Karearea TOA (NEW!)- Best CMOS FPV Cam 4:3/16:9 Switchable Best Hero 5/6/7/8 Camera Butter ND FILTERS Best Session ND Filter APEX: Use these Lighter Al 7075 Frame Screws Favorite 6s Lipo Ovonic1000mah RDQ1150mah 4s Lipo Cut your own Landing Pads Restock of Ummagrip Raw Material - Sorbothane Roll Hero8 Mount Jello Guard for Hero8 Mount Smaller Capacitor I Use Now ALL Kwads use this STACK BRAIN 20x20 FC- (Unbelievably good) AIKON 32bit 20x20 6s ESC (unpoppable) Unbelievably Versatile 20x20 RUSH 800mw VTX TOOLS SD Card Holder- Best Dual Charger- Best Value Charger Bundle- PowerGiant Automatic Hex Driver Prop Tool - Best Soldering Iron (Portable Too!)
The Berry Bando (FPV)
Max Beamer

The Berry Bando (FPV)

This gas station has been abandoned for decades and I drive by it all the time. This time figured I'd pull over to check it out.. Filmed on Gopro Hero8 - I've been testing a lot of gear and updating my quad with the latest and greatest, especially motors and frames.. Doing some reviews and gear updates in the coming weeks. NEW Plug & Play Rush Stack (4-5s) Recent Gear Updates: BF 4.1 Flight Controller: (RADIX) 20x20 VTX 20x20 ESC 6s Lipo Ovonic RDQ 6s - Hero 8 Everything Else: DJI SMA ANTENNA - DJI MMCX ANTENNA - BEST “JUICY” FRAME (RADIX) 20x20 FREESTYLE MOTORS FREESTYLE PROPS FLIGHTONE FC 20x20 MINI FPV CAM BEST LOW ESR CAPACITOR For NOISY QUADS: FOREVER ANTENNA TUBES FPV CAM TPU MOUNT: QUAD ANTENNA (Light and Cheap) BEST VALUE FREESTYLE LIPO or GOPRO STUFF BEST PERMANENT HERO 7 ND FILTER (WATCH TUTORIAL FOR VIGNETTE REMOVAL) BEST CAP STYLE ND FILTER or BEST 2207 FREESTYLE MOTOR BEST PROPS FOR BLACKBIRD MOTORS TRANSMITTER STUFF: R9 MODULE R9 RECEIVER QX7 TRANSMITTER QX7 LIPO BEST QX7 GIMBALS GOGGLES: DOM V3 (Discontinued) GOGGLE ANTENNA DIVERSITY ANTENNA PATCH ANTENNA TOOLS: TS100 TS100 XT60 CABLE RDQ's NEW AND IMPROVED SOLDER BEST REAL SMOKE STOPPER



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